Welcome to Life as Art Brand Coaching & Photography

Professional Portraits that Capture you in your Finest Light

Are you a real person in a real place, or are you just a logo in cyber space? 
Your photos tell your unique story and set your business apart. When you use a professional portrait, you show your customers that you’re a real person, in a real place with a personal brand you’re proud of! 


Branding Photography that Demands Attention

Are you using stock photography for your marketing? 

Your brand is a powerful thing; you can shape it and influence it, but ultimately a brand exists in the mind of your customer! It’s influenced by your logo, website, images and customer service. Brands that use insipid stock photos across website, blog and social media risk sending murky messages that dilute the dynamics that turn leads into sales. Custom Branding Photography sets your Brand apart from the rest.



Your headshot is often the first opportunity you have to make a fabulous first impression! Professional headshots should complement your business brand. What is your current Headshot saying about you?



Stock Photography makes you look like everyone else, but when you choose personalised imagery specifically tailored to your business you actively manage your business' visual brand. Every image we produce powerfully conveys exactly what you want your ideal customer to think about your business. 


Discovery Sessions

How do we produce photographs completely targeted towards your business? Our Brand Discovery Session is a 90 minute consultation where we gain an in depth understanding of your business and your market. Armed with this information we craft a photoshoot specifically tailored to connect you with your ideal clients.

Beauty & Strategy

Are your current Branding Photos working for you or against you? 

Our 90 minute Brand Discovery Session allow us to build a photoshoot that is completely customised for your business. It's time to cut through all the advertising noise, that leaves your customers confused, and start sending a laser focused message to the market. Our Brand Discovery Session allows us to achieve exactly that for our Clients.


Share your Story, Change the World

The world needs your gifts and talents. It's time to stop hiding behind your logo! People need to know, like, and trust you before they will do business with you. The first step in building that relationship is for potential customers to see you and your business authentically presented online and in marketing materials. Custom Branding Photography with Life as Art provides exactly that and so much more. It's time now! Step out from behind the proverbial curtain, and let your AWESOME shine!