Are you a real person in a real place, or do you just exist in cyber space?

How can your customers know you better?
We believe your photos tell your unique story and set your business apart. When you use a professional photo you show your customers that you’re a real person, in a real place with a personal brand you’re proud of!

When your images resonate with your ideal customer, an emotional connection is formed with your brand.

We specialise in branding photography and professional headshots, aligning your personal brand with your ideal customer, creating images that people relate to.

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Branding Photography

Do your customers know what you business stands for?
Your business brand influences how people connect with you, trust you, and do business with you. Essentially, your business brand is what other people think about you, and most of the time you have to convey all of that in just a few images.

How can you influence what people think of your brand?
Stock Photography makes you look like everyone else, but when you choose personalised imagery specifically tailored to your business you are actively managing your business brand. Every image should powerfully convey exactly what you want your ideal customer to think about your business.

Life as Art works with you to shape what you want people to see whilst remaining true to your businesses missions and values all while being highly emotive and memorable.

Your brand personality is the unique selling point of your business. Let it shine through in professional photography!

The importance of Branding...


We eat with our eyes first
Life as Art makes food taste good before you’ve even taken the first bite. Whether its a fruity cocktail or delectible mains, beautiful photography not only gets your clients mouth watering, but it also ties in your branding message. Tempting food imagery helps you stand apart in the crowded restaurant industry.

Set the mood
Well coordinated imagery helps create atmosphere and emotional connections before your clients have even walked in the door. Life as Art’s imagery doesn’t just tell clients what their food is going to look like, it is emotive and wets the pallet for their entire dining experience. Food often entices people to sit down and eat, but Life as Art photography makes it so you wouldn’t want to sit and eat anywhere else.

We understand that it isn’t just about the food, but all the atmosphere that goes around it.

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