Diana Henderson is the owner and lead photographer at Life As Art, a Corporate Branding and Fine Art Family photography business. Over the years she has striven to marry fine art photography with beautiful design all while conveying a strong emotive message. Her design carries intelligent messages that are often more easily swallowed by the viewer due to the artistic packaging.

By photographing the connections between commerce and clients in artistic and unique ways she offers buinesses the opportunity to reach out and create their own emotive connections with their ideal clients.

Diana gives her clientele the opportunity to show the world their Business as Art.


Born in Phoenix, Arizona Diana immigrated to Australia in 2001. She accomplished almost 4 years of Early Childhood Tertiary education, and always has had a love for teaching and educating. Soon after immigrating she met her husband Murray, and together they have 5 children.

Diana has always had a love and interest in Photography and over the last decade she has invested in mastering her craft. Largely self taught, her work has a unique style.

The famous photographer Henri Cartier Bresson is known for coining the term “The Decisive Moment”, which is the precise moment that a story is told or lost in a single glance or movement. It is these Decisive Moments that Diana is truly gifted at not only capturing but eliciting from her subjects.

Diana is a true lover of people and her body of work is at its strongest when she is showcasing emotion.

Mission, vision and Values

At Life as Art our mission is to capture the essence of people’s life and business stories through emotive photography that empowers the subject and challenges viewers to see the world through different perspectives.

In essence Life as Art exist to photograph people and businesses in a way that they find wholeness as they are instead of as they think they ought to be. We find the parts of your business that are specifically unique to you and showcase them in a way that makes them truly irresistible.

Life as Art holds integrity, as one of our highest values. What this means practically is that not only are we committed to offering our clients the highest standard of service, but it also means that each image we produce tells a story that is authentic to the heart of the brand and people we are photographing.

Essentially we find the heart of your business and present it in perfectly tailored visual artistry.

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