Your Branding Photos Aren’t Bridesmaid Dresses

Uncategorized Feb 07, 2019

Have you ever been a Bridesmaid at a wedding where the dress you had to wear was … not really your style? Or perhaps you were a Groomsman and the Groom loved pastel blue? Being the supportive friend you are, of course you spent the money and wore the outfit at the wedding. Since then, though, it’s probably been sitting in the back of the closet not seeing the light of day!

Imagine again though, that the dress (or suit) was perfect! It was exactly your style, fitted brilliantly and you loved wearing it. The likelihood is that you’d be looking for ways to be wearing it as often as possible!

Now imagine that you had an amazing branding shoot. You loved the experience, you loved the images and maybe even used them for some social media marketing or to give your website some extra zing. But … that was a year ago and you haven’t even thought about those images since. At Life As Art, we want you to get the most out of your imagery. Don’t stick your photos in the closet and forget them, take them out and wear them every day!

I hear you asking the question though … “I refreshed my website, what else would I even do with my images?”.

Because we value our clients and want you to get the most out of your imagery, we’ve put together some creative ideas as to how you can keep using your imagery to increase your return on investment.


KEEP USING THEM ON SOCIAL MEDIA, again, and again, and again…

The first, and probably the most important, is to keep using your imagery in your social media. People won’t remember seeing a specific image 3 months ago. You can repeat the same photos over and over again over the year, mixed in with the new content that happens organically. This actually helps with building brand continuity.

Think about how many times you see the same ad repeated ad nauseam on television. Once a year is a good time frame for most small to medium businesses to refresh their Branding imagery, with larger businesses aiming for quarterly refreshes.

1. Post to Facebook and Instagram stories so your clients can see what your every day looks like.
2. Use your imagery in targeted social media advertising.
3. Have a 3 monthly cycle of ads you re-run a couple of times a week. It may be a little bit of effort to set up the ads but they can be running in the background as an evergreen campaign raising awareness of your brand without your constant attention.
4. Run a challenge with your clients on social media … have a look at Life As Art’s #saltwaterchallenge on Facebook and Instagram as an illustration.


When you purchase your imagery from Life As Art, we love to see you being creative with it. That means you could do something like crop out some grass from an image and put it in your document footers, or use a piece of the ocean background as a Header. I can almost hear the gasp: “You can’t put images in a document!” – Why not we ask? Since you are generating a document to be read, why not make the experience a little more colourful? Let some life onto the page!


Why not have your headshot in your email signature? Using your image in your signature helps your client to remember who you are and associate you with your business. Your headshot is instrumental in helping your clients learn to know, like and trust you. Your headshot is your most valuable marketing tool, even more then your logo if you are a small business! People do business with people they know. Let your clients see your smiling face every time you connect with them via email.


What about adding some colour and imagery to your Financial Reports … particularly if you are reporting to shareholders or owners? End of year reports are meant to communicate what has been achieved in the business or organisation over the year. Endless paragraphs of text and rows of numbers will not effectively communicate the real life and blood of your organisation. However, pictures will. Beautiful imagery supports the information in end of year reports and can help shareholders, investors, and owners get a much more clear sense of what all organisation are really all about… PEOPLE!


Do you run events or workshops? Your imagery can be really helpful in connecting with those you invite and for bringing some extra life into your event by using your images in your slides and PowerPoint presentations. Presentations have more punch if they have some beautiful On-Brand imagery.


Your images have been tailored around your brand which means most of the colours and backgrounds of your images sit perfectly with your logo and branding. Apps like Canva allow an infinite use of your images. You can crop out stars, squares, frames, circles… the list goes on and on. The more you use bits and pieces of your imagery across your social media and documents, the more your visual brand grows. Each of the images below are just a teeny-tiny piece of the original image, and yet they all tell the story of Stacey’s Brand, Natural Connections. When in doubt, CROP!


Add a wash on top of your images to make them a perfect background for text. Choose a colour from your logo and put it over your image as a wash. What this does is takes an image that is too busy to put text over, and makes it fade into the background, allowing the text to pop. All that is needed to achieve this is to put a colour square (one of your brand colours preferably) over your image and turn the opacity down on the square until the text is readable. This can even be done in a Word document. No fancy software needed! This one small trick means you can use custom backgrounds for any graphic whether it’s social media post, document cover pages, or backgrounds on presentation slides.


At Life As Art, we want to see you get the most out of your images. Your Branding Photos don’t need to hang up in the back of your hard drive like an unloved Bridesmaid dress. Get those photos out, dust them off, and take them out for another spin in your marketing.

If it has been a couple of years since you had a branding shoot (or GASP! maybe you’ve never had one for your business) we would love to help you put together a portfolio of beautiful imagery to set you up for marketing success in the New Year. Give us a holler HERE. We would love to chat!

Let us know in the comments if you have any other creative ideas for using your branding imagery. There is nothing we love more than seeing our clients grow their business!


Life as Art is Perth’s leading Branding and Headshot Photographer. We work with our clients to bring clarity to their Branding with Beautiful, Custom Photography.


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