Colour Study: Using Colour to Communicate Warmth in Photography

“We are happy, friendly people.”

If you read that phrase and had to chose one colour that “said” that to you, what colour would you choose?

For a long time we have bought into the idea of colour psychology that certain colours universally make us as human feel a certain way. Modern research is saying that might not be as true as we think it to be. That said we think most would agree that colours do have some underlying emotional affect, it’s just largely dependent on their context.

As a photographer we make hundreds of colour and hue decisions with every shoot. We help coordinate clothing to tie in with branding logos. We adjust the White Balance of an image to make it cooler or warmer depending on the message we are intending to communicate. We change the hue slider of greens and yellows to make trees and grass more universally appealing. We have spent endless, upon endless hours, making tiny tweaks to skin tones to make sure headshot images looks...

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