YOU are the Pot of Gold

What do you think is the most valuable part of your business???


Important, but probably not the most valuable.

How about your product?

Getting warmer.

What about your client base?

Still important but we’re not there yet.

Can you guess?

The very most important part of your business is …


If you are anything like me, this is probably a very uncomfortable idea. On one hand, we realise that we are the very core of our business, but on the other hand, there’s a whole life time of self-talk saying we’re not important. Perhaps we’ve picked up from others that they don’t think we’re important or we’ve bought into the cultural messages that tell us that we’re just not enough. Deep down, the idea that we are important is hard for many of us to swallow.


One of the keys to business success is the relationship between us and those we wish to reach. As...

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