Cheap and Often or Expensive and Rarely?

Where do you stand on the whole “Buy Cheap and Often” or “Buy Expensive and Rarely” debate?

Whether it’s a nice pair of shoes, a new jacket, or maybe even a first car, we approach our buying decisions somewhere along this spectrum. Perhaps we even range along this spectrum depending on the context (or financial pressure) in which we are making our purchasing decisions. When I was younger, I was quite happy with an “on the cheap” first car … but then again, that car didn’t last long. These days I just want a reliable vehicle that is going to survive my children – even though it costs more!


In some ways, I think that our placement along this range connects back to how valuable we see ourselves being. If we diminish our own value, we’re much less likely to spend the money on the more expensive, higher-quality item because we don’t see the value alignment. If you are feeling like...

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