Corporate Photography in Rockingham

Branding Photography that Leaves an Impression

Your brand is what your customers think, feel and say about your business.

Your brand is a powerful thing; you can shape it and influence it, but ultimately a brand exists in the mind of your customer! It’s influenced by your logo, website, images and customer service. Brands that use insipid stock photos across website, blog and social media risk sending murky messages that dilute the dynamics that turn leads into sales.

Photography That’s Crafted to Tell Your Brand Story

Don’t have a brand story? A branding shoot will fix that!

Use branding imagery to tell your story. Connect with your customers by speaking to their deepest desires and become an irresistible choice for them. Branding photography is purposeful; it prompts your customers to connect with you, so you can start the conversation that leads to a sale.

A branding shoot is meticulously designed to move your target market to feel emotionally engaged with your brand. We understand that emotional engagement is the first step to customer relationship building, without it potential customers are lost.

The Secret to Standing Out in a World of 3 Second Attention Spans

In a world of 3 second attention spans, communicating your unique selling proposition is harder than ever!

Branding photography distils the core of your business message into images that your customers can quickly and easily relate to. Images instantly tell your customers what you’re all about and establish a compelling value proposition for them. Businesses that are positioned for success invest in branding photography because it gives them the edge.

Visual Marketing is an Investment That Keeps Paying You Dividends

When you choose a branding shoot you are investing in a visual marketing strategy that will pay you back for years to come!

A branding shoot returns a collection of 40 images that are unique to your business, setting you apart on your website, blog, social media and email communications. Do you use brochures, flyers or print advertisements? Branding photos distinguish your business from the competition in all your marketing material. They’re unique to your branding style guide, precisely crafted to complement your colour scheme, logo design and values.

Kate Stagg
Parklife Graphics

“Back in the day, stock photography was all the rage, but where is your point of difference if other businesses are using the same image? Do they pull together as a branded set? Are you proud of them? We always advise getting independent photography through Life as Art. The depth and quality of her service is second to none. Witnessing clients reactions to the work she produces is just amazing.

Diana has a background in Graphic Design, so not only does she produce beautiful work, but as a designer she makes my job so much easier. All the files come prepared in the right colour spaces for their different uses. Plus she also understands what is needed from an image not just from a photographers point of view, but also also from a designers perspective. She understands how I am going to use the imagery across websites, social media, and printed materials and delivers images that are exactly what I need every time.”

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