Fine Art Family Photography

What does it feel like to be part of your family?
Imagine if you could distil the essence of your family so that everyone who comes to your home feels the warmth, connection and love that you create together. When you own a collection of unique images from your family photo shoot, you create a legacy to cherish, to delight in and to pass on to the next generation.

Photography Tailored to Your Family
Family photography with Life as Art is a personal journey of discovery! Your family photo session is about discovering the beauty of your everyday life and creating a visual showcase to share. It isn’t about poses or perfection. It’s about capturing the joy in moments of playful interaction. Family sessions might showcase your Saturday morning snuggles on the sofa, or a Sunday morning tradition of making pancakes in your PJs! Diana wants your families’ personality to shine through the images she creates.

Before your family session Diana will spend some time getting to know you all. Mums and Dads treasure different things about their family, so Diana chats to both parents to hear what it is that is important to them. Knowing what makes you laugh together, cry together and dance together, helps to bring the photography to life.

Having Fun on the Day
Your photos are your legacy, so let’s make sure they show you at your best! When you have fun, you feel playful and forget the camera. And while you’re busy being you, Diana captures moments of natural connection, of free range laughter and spontaneous love that bubbles over.

Revealing the Picture
Diana’s expertise means that she is always visualising the final display that will reveal what it feels like to be a part of your family. When Diana delivers your beautiful images, it can get pretty emotional! You won’t just see photos, you’ll see all the connections and bonds that are the heartbeat of your family life.

At Life as Art, Diana doesn’t take photos, she joins the dots of family life, connecting moments, revealing emotion and reframing your story.

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Fine Art Photography

Families are made up of individuals, each with their own story to tell. Fine Art photography explores the individuality of one person. A person who makes up part of a whole. Life as Art's photography connects the dots within your family, revealing a picture of unity.

What is Fine Art Photography?

Fine Art photography differs from a family shoot because it’s focused on one person. It takes a micro focus, highlighting the details; the wisps of hair that float free from a bunch, or the dimple that appears in a lopsided smile. Fine art is like telling a story with a single narrator. It’s personal, beautiful and emotionally striking.

Conceptual Storytelling

In fine art photography the small details symbolise a greater truth for an individual; laughter lines that crinkle, the glint of sunlight on red hair or steaming breath on a cold morning. Fine Art photography invites you to see past the ordinary and find extraordinary all around you. A familiar face, known and cherished, is seen anew, when reframed conceptually in Fine art photography.

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