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How does your food make people feel?
Food is more than just a necessity of life, it’s a comfort, a connection and an experience. Food excites us, stirs old memories deep within and creates new ones for us to treasure. The images you use for your restaurant, café or catering business aren’t about showing people what your food looks like. It’s about telling your customers a story about how they’ll feel when they dine with you. Your images must tempt them, seduce them, and entice them into a state of longing that drives them to book, call or connect.

The Secret to Emotive Food Photography
Emotion is the key ingredient to create mouth-watering visual appeal. But how do you add emotional depth to food photography? The art of capturing images is to reveal a delicious dining experience that illustrates how food builds connections between people. Eating bonds people to one another, it warms the heart and fills the belly.

Food is a deeply satisfying experience, one which strengthens the bonds of family, friendship and business when it shared. Exceptional food demands exceptional photography.

Does Your Customer Trust You to Feed Them?
It takes trust to eat the food that somebody else prepares, especially if don’t know them! Eating is an intimate experience, it’s personal and pleasurable. When you let someone else prepare your meal, you’re trusting them to keep you safe, to satisfy your hunger and nourish your body. Your photography must build trust before it can begin to entice your customers to eat with you.

Customers spend their money based on emotionally driven decisions, that’s why emotive imagery is the key to their heart (and their purse)! Every image you use must be a workhorse for your website, brochure or blog. Food images make an instant impression and market the benefits of your restaurant, bar or café long before anyone even sets-foot inside!

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Shaun James- The Perth Catering Co.

“Diana, from Life as Art, is a fantastic and bubbly person, really fun to work with and the quality of the pictures are fantastic. We really enjoyed the whole experience and we will continue to use her for further project.”

Amy James- The Perth Catering Co.

“Diana is an incredible photographer. We are amazed at her work and attention to detail. We are utterly delighted at the professional food pictures she did for us. Far exceeded our expectations! Her pictures are front and centre on our catering website. Diana truly went above and beyond in making sure we were happy and I can't recommend her enough! Outstanding!”

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