How to Challenge the Superficial in Your Business

February 7, 2019

Change the World! That’s the goal! It’s definitely a BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal), but here at Life as Art Photography we believe that we all have the power to change the world. Change is like a ripple of water. It starts with us as individuals, which then changes our families, which then changes communities, which changes nations, which changes the world. At Life as Art Photography the way we change the world is by challenging the superficial.

We challenge superficial stereotypes revealing authentic truths that empower and uplift both the viewers and the subject of our imagery.

We captures the essence of our clients through artistic and emotionally engaging visual storytelling. Through this process they find an authentic view of who they are, and replace the stereotypes of how they think they should be. 

Essentially we change the world one image at a time. Each time we photograph a client, they walk away feeling confident to share themselves and their gifts and talents with the world. We see so many clients who have amazing talents that our world need, yet due to insecurity, or self doubt, they hesitate to put themselves out there. They resist marketing their product or skill because they don’t like their profile picture, or they do not have quality content to build a marketing strategy off of.

Have you heard the saying “Being weird is a side effect of being awesome!” We believe the best way to challenge the superficial in business is by sharing your weird, because it’s your weird that makes you awesome. Instead of using stock photos that reek of sanitary sameness, custom photography allows you take your weird and show the world how awesome it is. So many businesses think they have to present a “super-model perfect” online presence, but the reality is the more you share of what makes you special the more memorable you become in a world of stock photography and Instagram sameness. No one in the world has your smile, or your life experiences that shine out your eyes. Your story and your brand are uniquely yours. Through emotionally engaging visual storytelling, we challenge superficial stereotypes and show the world that authentic stories will always trump cookie cutter perfection.

So how do you challenge the superficial in business? Get out there and show the world your weird awesomeness instead of hiding behind those stock photos!!! 

Does this sound like you? Do you have a product, service or cause that you are passionate about, but you struggle to present it to the world. We encourage you to take the leap and get in front of our camera. You see, getting a great headshot isn’t just about having a great camera or posing tricks. The reason our headshots out shine the competition is because we have the ability to put clients at ease, and let their best shine through. There are no glimmers of “camera shy awkwardness” or insincere smirks on a Life as Art photoshoot. We build authentic relationships with our clients. By the time the camera is pointing at your beautiful face nerves are no where to be seen.

Here is what some of our other clients had to say about working with us…..

“Wow! I am so impressed. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Diana. I was uber-nervous before the shoot, but Diana was able to clearly and gently guide me through the whole process and, as a result, I have some great headshots for my business.” -Meredith Twiss

Diana is such a beautiful photographer and person that you will instantly feel at ease with her. Complete professional with a wonderful understanding of her subject, and refreshingly personable. Highly recommended! -Julianne Lawrence

We encourage you to take the leap! Give us a ring and set up a headshot or branding shoot with Life as Art Photography.

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