How to Convey Approachability in an Image

February 7, 2019

Your online imagery is often the first impression your potential clients have with you and your brand. Because of this, it is important that your headshot and branding photography convey approachability and openness. There are a few techniques that we use to achieve a final image that is relatable and approachable to your potential clients.

  • Open communication and support before the day of the shoot.

Most people we work with don’t enjoy being in front of the camera. In order to achieve the best imagery on the day we provide a Client Guide that is brimming with information and tips to help clients feel prepared for their photoshoot. We also work closely alongside our clients on the lead up to the shoot. Whether it’s outfit selections, make up tips, or helping to coordinate employees,  we do whatever we can to help everyone to feel prepared for the day. After years of working with clients we’ve learned how to overcome many of the common stressor before we even get our camera our.

  • Posing

The camera is a bit of an oxymoron. It never lies, but at the same time it often misrepresents reality. The way a subject is posed can completely change an image. By giving clients clear and easy to follow posing instructions as we are shooting, we insure that your final image isn’t just flattering, but also conveys a genuine warmth and openness.

  • Interaction

Remember how in the point above we said the camera never lies? On the day of the photoshoot most people are full of nerves. Those nerves scream through peoples eyes, and communicate insecurity and closed off-ness. The way we interact with clients while shooting, means that we break through those nerves and captures people as their authentic self. There is an element of this that is a learned skill from years of shooting. That said, part of what makes Life as Art imagery shine with emotion and connection is our natural ability that sets us apart from the rest.

  • Post Shoot Image Selection

It has been said that people are unable to see themselves as they are, only as they perceive themselves to be. Because of this the way people view an image of themselves is very different then how others view the same image. We always suggest which images we believe to be best. We pick images based on how emotionally engaging the image is and most likely to appeal to customers ideal clientele. We make sure clients look fabulous (see above!) but for truly engaging imagery it’s more important want a potential client thinks about the image, rather then the person in it.

  • Final Touches

We touch up every image before it is sent. The camera will often present elements different then how they are. Because of this each image is gone over with a fine tune comb. We adjust White Balance and colour in a way that makes images feel inviting and communicate each brand’s core values. Whether the image is used as a tiny profile pictures or blown up for a huge window display, it’s not going to just look fabulous, it’s going to be a marketing workhorse.

  • Ideas of How to use the Imagery

What’s the use of having approachable imagery, if that imagery isn’t being seen by clients. We work closely with industry leading graphic designer and marketing strategist. If a client is struggling to know how to let their imagery shine we have a team of experts to point them too.


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