In a changing world, your Legacy Brand remains steady

May 8, 2019


If you’ve been alive any decent period of time, you’ve seen more change than probably at any other time in history. You don’t have to be that old to remember when your information had to come from other people or a library rather than the internet! It’s really not that long ago. Really. 30 years ago nobody had heard of the internet, 15 years ago there was no such thing as Facebook! Remember the days when we had giant yellow books giving us a list of businesses? OK, now I feel old. Immediate, ongoing connectivity has had a profound impact on society, and, it seems to me, the consequence is that trends are coming and going at a blistering pace! Just mention the word “dab” to your pre-teen or teenager and watch them cringe … “Ewww, do NOT do that again”! 


In a world of constant change, how do you continue to communicate what’s real in your Brand. How do you communicate in a way that stands the test of time (and by “time” I mean the next 5 minutes) of changing trends? An example of the changing trends, this article talks about Instagram’s popular expression dimming in the light of the new. What’s interesting about this article is the concept that beautifully crafted brand identities are no longer “in Vogue” and are being replaced with messaging that’s around a more “authentic” view of what life looks like … except that it’s staged authenticity. We have been looking at Authenticity being the answer by saying that if we are authentic, our brand is going to stand the test of time. My concern with this idea is that if you don’t do the work on your being, then authentically communicating who you are is less than helpful. When your personal why, what and how are in alignment with the brand identity you’re crafting, and you are other-focused, not self-centred, authentic (Legacy) branding will be able to maintain its ability to communicate no matter what happens to the current trends or styles. 


In a changing world, your Legacy Brand remains steady. I am all for authenticity, but I am for authenticity that is undergirded by what in the olden days would have been called character. Character is having a well-developed set of guiding principles to live your life by … and seeking to live by them. It’s not about perfection, it’s about seeking to live in alignment with these principles and owning up when you miss the mark. It’s about being tenacious with your guiding principles but also flexible if there’s a really good reason for them to be adjusted.  Let’s be people and businesses that have character and are seeking to communicate authentically that character that remains steadfast in the shifting trends of life. 


Here at Life as Art our Brand Discovery Sessions have been crafted to help business owners, big and small, identify and communicate their Legacy Brands through beautifully crafted imagery. Pretty Pictures alone are not enough. When your brand imagery is rooted in an authentic voice, you no longer get tossed around by the whims of fickle trends. If you would like more information about our Branding Packages or want to learn more about us, please contact us. We would love to hear from you!