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Discover How Photography Builds Your Online Credibility
Credibility can be the difference between you and your competitors! People buy from businesses that look credible and anything you can do to raise your credibility will increase your customers’ confidence. How can you boost your online credibility? By showing your customers that you have a team of staff who you are proud of!

Get Instant Proof that You’re Professional.
When customers arrive on your website you must convince them that you’re trustworthy, honest and credible! And you have about 3 seconds to achieve that!

Give your customers the instant proof they want – show them your team, demonstrate how professional they are and prove your credibility!! Help your customers choose you above the competition by showcasing a suite of professional images that position you as a voice of authority.

Crisp Clear Images Invite Customers to Connect
Your customers want to know who they’re going to be spending their money with! When you invest in professional staff photography you’re investing in relationship nurturing. Every sale starts with a first step; connection. Invite your customers to connect with the face behind the name, the team behind the business and take the first step to building profitable relationships.

Staff Photography Inspires Loyalty and Commitment
When you show the world the team you are proud to call your own, your staff know they’re valued, appreciated and respected. Teams that feel valued are more productive, committed and motivated at work. Building a workplace that fosters belonging breeds loyalty; loyalty grows through a culture of professional care, inclusion and appreciation.

Loyal staff are the ultimate reward for the business owner who has invested in team development.

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Veronica Cole
Acton Realty Mandurah

Veronica came to Life as Art looking to do something different then all the other Real Estate brands. Actons colours are Red, Black and Gold so we incorporated those colours into her clothing and then post processing added extra vibrance to the red chanel.

Being located in Mandurah we focused on capturing some of the iconic spots that ground her as a local specialist, without them becoming the star of the image.

Veronica wanted to Maintain Acton's high end, classy brand while adding an element of warmth and approachability. By adding a warm glow and carefully planned posing we were able to convey the message that Veronica was aiming for.

“Thank you Diana. I must say I do like my photos and that's hard for me to say!! You did an amazing job - you are one very talented lady - an absolute super star”

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