Cobbler's Tavern is a modern bar that offers elegant pub meals, with a contemporary twist. Being located in Falcon, WA there are many nods to the areas rich history in the crab and seafood industry. Everything from the premises to the menu has the perfect mix of comforting familiarity and sophisticated elegance. It was our number one priority to showcase these different aspects in a way that visually summed up the experience their clientele could expect.

Prior to the shoot we coordinated with the owner to make sure that we were creating images that spoke directly to their ideal market. We suggested the different age groups and looks of people to act as models on the day to ensure that the tavern's ideal customers would resonate with the finished imagery.

By being well organised before the shoot with a detail planned, no time was wasted on the day! It was a coordinated effort between all that meant we were able to capture a huge variety of imagery all within a 2 hour shoot.


When Stella Polaris Copywriting approached us to develop their imagery for their new website, we knew that we had a challenge in front of us! Copywriting is all about the written word but we wanted to stay away from cliche images of pens and paper. Copywriting is about connecting people through words.Through discussion we were able to identify who their ideal clients are and point them in the right direction to find models that represented their desired clientele.

In order to tie everything together visually, we put together a style board of outfits for both men and women that would pull together the colour pallet and the overall feel of the Stella Polaris brand. Armed with the style board it was easy to coordinated the different looks across many people. We found the perfect location for the day and with a basket full of accessories we were able to style each model to perfectly coordinate with the brand. The end product was a surprisingly diverse group of images that spoke of human connection instead of just pens and paper.


Home 2 Home Realty is a boutique Real Estate Agency with two seperate offices, one in Rockingham, WA and the other in Melville. Most real estates focus on sleek new builds to represent their brand, but we suggested taking a different approach. With a growing market of consumers interested in older homes we suggested showcasing an older character home as well as new builds with a focus on the warm, fuzzy feelings of being home.

Home 2 Home has a bright and colourful logo. Through good planning leading up to the shoot we were able to gather up a selection of styling props that tied in with their marketing pallet. On the day of the shoot it was simple to style all the different images knowing that the final products would easily tie in with the rest of their visual brand. When it was all finished we were left with a huge selections of emotive imagery that spoke directly to their different clientele's needs.

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