Visual Storytelling for Profit Series – Personality (1 of 6)

February 7, 2019

We put a lot of work into developing our brand as business owners, but how can we take our brand from being a great logo to an effective and engaging brand that work for us? Branding Photography is a critical element in presenting your product or service to the market. Here at Life as Art we work hard to understand the full picture of your brand so that we can create the most profitable and engaging imagery for you.

Today we are starting a six part series on learning more about Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism and how we use it to create branding imagery. Most small to medium businesses only develop and implement a few of the facets in their brand, and because of that their brand lacks the strength to push through the noise and reach their ideal clients. When a business has a strong Brand Identity all elements of their branding and marketing start to work together and create a synergy that makes an impact.

According to Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism there are 6 different facets that make up an effective and profitable brand. The first facet we will be looking at is Brand Personality. Brand Personality consists of the values that your brand would encompass if it was a person. Personality is also expressed by the style and tone of voice used in your copy. An effective brand has the ability to differentiate itself and be memorable from all the other personalities that a buyer comes across in their daily life.

Have you ever been in a place filled with people you didn’t know? When we don’t have a smartphone in front of our face we naturally start people watching. We scan the room and our brains try to quickly make judgements about how to identify the risk and reward of each person. We don’t really think deeply in this process, it’s more of an innate trait that our brains have developed over decades. We quickly categorise people according to our first impression and from the first scan our brains will often identify one or two people that we might connect with. From this point we must make a conscious decision whether or not we are going to offer the first invitation of interaction. It might be a smile in their direction, a choice to choose a seat close to that person, or an initial “hi, how are you today?” greeting.

We all have a natural fallback type of person that our brains will naturally identify as safe, and this fall back personality is largely based on our life experiences. Sometimes however there is a person in the room who, for one reason or another, is quite dynamic and seems to capture our attention. I know for myself that some of my closest friendships today started because of these sorts of situations.

Potential clients, aka lookers, operate using this same mentality. Everyday they are bombarded with brand personalities that their brain is constantly scanning and making very quick judgement calls. So how do you, as a business owner, catch their attention and make it past that first scan? One of the ways that you do this is by having an extremely clear and well defined Brand Personality.

In a lot of ways it’s a chicken or egg situation. The better you understand the clients you want to attract the more clearly you can posture your brand to be enticing to them. At the same time the more authentic you are to the heart of your brand the more capable you are of expressing your authentic brand self. When these two are in balance with each other we find the most fulfilment in our business life.

Chanel’s Brand Personality is daring, understated, and sophisticated. When we think of Chanel we immediately “know” them as a brand. It is this “knowing” that we should be seeking to develop in our own brand, and the way we do that is by clearly deciding what we want our brand personality to be. The great thing about your brand personality is that you are the creator of it. You get to decide what characteristics your brand will embody. Once it’s been decided though you must commit to it. That said, I think all brands tend to go through the teenage years where they flap about a bit trying to figure out “who they are”, but if you stay true to your brand values during that time, your brand will mature and come out the other end strong. As your brand continues to mature there will be slight shifts and adjustments, but over all the market will still know who you are because of your strong Brand Personality.

At Life as Art we help clients reflect their Brand Personality through visual storytelling. Storytelling is one of the most unique traits of mankind. Some would argue that it is our ability to storytell that sets us apart from all the other species that live on this little Blue Planet of ours.  We craft a visual story that is authentic to the heart and personality of your brand and perfectly tailored to be appealing to your ideal customer. A well crafted visual story is one element that showcases your Brand Personality and can help you to make it through the first scan.

In our next blog post we will talk about the very important next step in building a strong brand- PHYSIQUE (and no we aren’t talking about your body’s physique! No gym memberships are required!) Until then take a minute and download the free pdf below and under Brand Personality, fill out how you would describe your brand’s personality, remembering that you are the creator of your brand!

At Life as Art we believe that well developed visual storytelling is the content that can turn lookers into buyers. If you would like to build a visual story for your brand, please give us a ring (0423-174-791) or fill out our contact form. We can’t wait to get started helping you tell the world your story!


At Life as Art our mission is to captures the essence of our clients through artistic and emotionally engaging visual storytelling. Through this process they find an authentic view of who they are, and replace the stereotypes of how they think they should be.