Visual Storytelling for Profit Series- Physique (2 of 6)

February 7, 2019

This is our second instalment of our six part series on Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism and how we use it to create effective branding imagery. Most small to medium businesses only develop and implement a few of the facets of their brand, and because of this their brand lacks the strength to push through the noise and reach their ideal clients. When a business has a strong Brand Identity all elements of their branding and marketing start to work together and create a synergy that turns lookers into buyers.

According to Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism there are 6 different facets that make up an effective and profitable brand. Today let’s talk about Physique! No need for wolf whistles or gym memberships in this conversation. We are talking about the physique of your brand. In our last post we talked about Brand Personality, which is the values that your brand would encompass if it were a person. Brand Physique is the physical aspects of your brand, the parts of your brand that you can see, hold, and touch, that are unique to your brand. The Physique of your brand is things like your brand colours, logo, design, fonts, products, services, and packaging.  A Coke bottle for example has a distinctive shape, with a red label and the iconic Coco-Cola font. The physique of their brand is immediately identifiable the world round.

Most business owners have a general idea about the physique of their brand. A logo is usually the first port of call for a new business, and is the first physically defining factor of your brand. However a well developed brand takes the physique of their brand further then just a logo. If you have a physical product, what elements have you added to it that makes it uniquely identifiable as your own? If it’s a food item is there a signature flavour to your product? Do you have a set of unique branding colours that you use across all your products and marketing? Cadbury Chocolate has a signature purple, and McDonald’s has a consistent red and yellow that is unique to them. A consistent font is also part of the physique of your brand, like the “D” in Disney which is recognised the world over.  If you don’t have set branding colours or fonts  a well designed style guide by a graphic designer is critical in developing and maintaining the physique of your brand.

As a photographer I have invested a huge amount of time, money, and personal reflection into developing a signature photographic style which makes up part of my own brand’s Physique. You should be able to look at a work by an artist and instinctively know that it is their work. At Life as Art it is our job to stay true to our style and Brand Physique, while at the same time producing work that represents the physique and personality of our client’s brand. It’s a balancing act that we take very seriously, and because of that we are able to produce consistently high quality imagery for our clients that best represent the physique of their brand while still offering a consistent and dependable product.

But how do we do that? One of the ways that we represent the physique of your brand in your imagery is by having a pre-shoot discovery call where we work with you to develop your shoot around your brand. In our client discovery call we discuss your brand colours and how to incorporate them through clothing and props. We also discuss things like clothing textures, models who represent your target market, how to prepare to best represent yourself and your staff, and how and when to incorporate your logo into the shoot. It is this attention to detail that leads to a strong gallery of images that represent the physique of your brand in the imagery we produce.

In our next blog post we will talk about another facet of the brand prism- BRAND CULTURE. We will discuss the how and why of building a strong Brand Culture. If you haven’t downloaded the free PDF below yet, download it now and under Brand Physique, fill out how you would describe your Brand’s Physique, remembering things like your logo, branding colours, unique packaging or product!

At Life as Art we believe that well developed visual storytelling is the content that can turn lookers into buyers. If you would like to build a visual story for your brand that represents your Brand Physique, please give us a ring or fill out our contact form. We connect the branding dots so you can reveal your brand picture to the world!


At Life as Art our mission is to captures the essence of our clients through artistic and emotionally engaging visual storytelling. Through this process they find an authentic view of who they are, and replace the stereotypes of how they think they should be.