Visual Storytelling for Profit Series- Reflection (6 of 6)

February 7, 2019

This is the sixth instalment in our six part series on Kapferer’s Brand Identity. This blog series is a “How to” on using all 6 different facets of The Brand Prism to build cohesive and effective branding photography that leads to profitable marketing. Last post we looked at Brand Self Image which is the description of how potential clients would like to see themselves inwardly as a result of interacting with your brand. In our last post of this series we are talking about Brand Reflection.

Brand Reflection is the typical consumer of your brand as perceived by the market. In lay man’s term Band Reflection is a visual stereotype of the person who first comes to mind when someone thinks about your brand. When we think a BMW what firsts comes to mind is a wealthy business man. When we think of Loreal Paris we think of a young, beautiful woman. When we think of Nike we think a highly determined athlete who is pushing their physical limits. As discussed in our first post, Brand Personality is the personality that your brand would embody if it were a person, and Brand Reflection is the imagery that reflects that personality.

Imagine an image with a young mum, wearing jeans and a tee with her hair up in a messy bun, while holding a baby on her hip. Would this image reflect what you would expect from BMW’s brand? Definitely not! That image doesn’t reflect BMW’s brand at all. However that same image would perfectly fit Ford’s family friendly car market. Brand Reflection is a great litmus test for your brand. Is what you are visually representing in your marketing align with everything else in your brand’s prism? An effective brand is built when there is synchronicity across all six facets of the brand.

As a branding photographer this is the facet of the brand prism that we specialise in. It is our job to take all the other aspects of the prism and bring them together into a few images that communicate your brand at first glance.  Well crafted imagery is impactful, and profitable, because it takes all the elements of a Brand’s Identity and reflects the core of a brand. But how do we do it?

First of all, we ask great questions! We need to understand your whole brand prism! By understanding your target markets , the mission and vision of your company, and your unique selling point, we can then begin crafting your photoshoot so that it most accurately reflects your brand. We help you with organising and finding models that most accurately reflect your market and help and advise with coordinating a wardrobe that coordinate with your branding colours, logo, and Brand Culture.

We also make it emotional. Remember how we talked about the Brand Relationship being what the customer feels they receive when they interact or exchange with your brand that is above and beyond the actual product they are buying? By understanding your clients Brand Relationship we can create imagery that is emotionally engaging to them. We all like to think that we make buying decisions based on logic, but the research over and over again proves that we buy emotionally, and your imagery needs to reflect the relationship that you are offering your clients in a way that is emotionally engaging and authentic with your brand.

The most profitable imagery is that which shows a client what the “After” state of their Self Image will be as a result of interacting with your brand. The bigger the gap is between before your brand and after interacting with it, the more value your brand is offering. The imagery of your brand should reflect that after state, and for some business it takes a lot of out of the box thinking to come up with a way to do that. A gym or weight loss product is easy to portray that journey, but how do you do that for a finance company, or a copywriter? Exceptional branding photography should reflect that Brand Self Image, no matter what type of company it is.

Brand Reflection is how we at Life as Art Photography take all the elements of your brand and bring them together into a highly profitable portfolio of images. By understanding all six of the facets of Kapferer’s Brand Prism we are able to understand our clients’ brand and create imagery that turns lookers into buyers. If you haven’t already, download the Brand Prism pdf, and fill out how you would describe the look of the people in your brand reflection. If you would like to work with Life as Art, please give us a ring to organise a complimentary consultation to discuss your brand and how we can tell your brand story.

Our Vision at Life as Art is to challenge superficial stereotypes revealing authentic truths that empower and uplift both the viewers and the subject of our imagery. We would love to work with your brand and take one step closer to fulfilling our vision of bringing authenticity to the marketing arena.


At Life as Art our mission is to captures the essence of our clients through artistic and emotionally engaging visual storytelling. Through this process they find an authentic view of who they are, and replace the stereotypes of how they think they should be.