Visual Storytelling for Profit Series- Relationship (4 of 6)

February 7, 2019

Let’s talk about Brand Relationship.  This is the fourth instalment in our six part series on Kapferer’s Brand Identity. This blog series is a “How to” on using all 6 different facets of The Brand Prism to build cohesive and effective branding photography.

In our last post we talked about Brand Culture and how it is the internal values of the group of people who follow or identify with your brand. If Brand Culture is the internal values of the group then Brand Relationship is the external outworking of that culture. Brand  Culture and Brand Relationship are the middle point of where your brand and your clients meet and interact. Like any healthy relationship, good Brand Relationship is based on healthy interactions and communications. The Brand Relationship is what the customer feels they receive when they interact or exchange with your brand that is above and beyond the actual product they are buying. 

Lets use the Dove Soap and Skin Care Brand as an example. When a customer buys a bar of Dove soap they don’t just receive soap, but a relationship in which they feel that they are beautiful, important and are part of a movement challenging the supermodel ideal. Dove customers feel challenged by the brand to “love the skin they’re in”. The Dove brand is very involved with encouraging positive body image for women and supporting positive self esteem that isn’t tied to appearance. Instead of buying their product from a sense of needing to fix an inherent problem, they want customers to buy their product as an act of self love. It is this relationship that their clients are receiving by buying into their brand.

The stronger and healthier a relationship is the more apt we are to stay in it, and the same goes with a Brand Relationship. When we have a strong Brand Personality and Culture we attract those potential clients that align with our brand values. However the more we can build a strong relationship with those clients the more likely we are to maintain them moving forward. The way we build strong Brand Relationships is by having a purpose or vision that is bigger then just the product or service we are selling. You can achieve this by partnering with Not for profits that align with your brand, and having strong messaging that consistently speaks to the heart of what you want your clients to receive as a result of using your products or services.

At Life as Art our vision is to challenge superficial stereotypes revealing authentic truths that empower and uplift both the viewers and the subject of our imagery. The product our clients receives is beautifully tailored imagery that is cohesive and consistent with their brand. However the relationship that they receive is the ability to look at the normal, everyday parts of their life and business and see something beautiful and authentic. We help our clients see life as art, and we do that through our photography.

The relationship we have with our clients is one of the most important aspects of our business, because without a strong relationship we would never be able to capture the natural and authentic portraiture that we are know for.  At Life as Art we believe that well developed visual storytelling is the content that can turn lookers into buyers. If you would like to build a visual story for your brand that strengthens the relationship between you and your clients, please give us a ring or fill out our contact form.

In our next blog post in this series we will talk about the facet of the brand prism called SELF IMAGE. Brand Self image is internally how your customers want to view themselves as a result of interacting with your brand. By understanding your clients Brand Self Image, it allows your brand to speak and resonate more clearly.  If you haven’t downloaded the free pdf below yet, download it now and under Brand Relationship, fill out how you would describe your Brand’s Relationship and specify what your clients receive above and beyond your product or service!

We connect the branding dots so you can reveal your brand picture to the world!


At Life as Art our mission is to captures the essence of our clients through artistic and emotionally engaging visual storytelling. Through this process they find an authentic view of who they are, and replace the stereotypes of how they think they should be.