What you want vs What you need

February 7, 2019

There is what you want, and then there is what you need.

So often we are set against two differing magnetic pulls.

What I want is a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice cream, but what I need is a healthy dinner full of veggies and greens. What I want is to binge watch two more episodes of my favourite show, but what I need is an early night.

However, sometimes the line between want and need is a little more blurred when we are choosing a good option, not realising there is a better one.

As a corporate branding photographer, I often go into our Brand Discovery meeting with a client and find that they have a pretty good idea of what they want from their branding shoot. They know their brand best and are the most passionate about it, and our Brand Discovery sessions help us to take that passion and knowledge and define it to its core essence.

However, what often happens is that the original ideas around the branding shoot, while good ideas aren’t necessarily the best. Because of this, we must go on the journey with our clients from what they want, to what they need. Let’s be honest, it takes a lot of care and sensitivity to walk that journey together. There must be a mutual trust to arrive at the best outcome, and it is this trust and collaboration that sets Life as Art apart.

We take great care to work with our clients to create imagery that is the best reflection of their brand. We take our expertise and creativity and combine it with our client’s deep and passionate understanding of their brand. The resulting chemistry that emerges is one of the reasons our imagery is such a powerful marketing tool.

We create and use a visual style guide for every branding shoot we do.  We curate a visual story board for our clients that speaks to the heart of their brand. Our individualised style guides help us define and maintain continuity of ideas, help our clients to organise large groups of employees for pre-shoot preparations (including wardrobe), and most importantly maintains a calm and organised process on the lead-up and day of the shoot. Our visual style guide becomes the road map that keeps us on course and guarantees that only the best ideas make it through.

While it may seem that a branding shoot only takes an hour or two to accomplish, it is the detailed preparation work on the lead up that leads to the best outcomes. When you work with Life as Art we don’t just deliver what you want, we deliver what you need, and walk every step of the journey with you.

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