YOU are the Pot of Gold

February 14, 2019

What do you think is the most valuable part of your business???


Important, but probably not the most valuable.

How about your product?

Getting warmer.

What about your client base?

Still important but we’re not there yet.

Can you guess?

The very most important part of your business is …


If you are anything like me, this is probably a very uncomfortable idea. On one hand, we realise that we are the very core of our business, but on the other hand, there’s a whole life time of self-talk saying we’re not important. Perhaps we’ve picked up from others that they don’t think we’re important or we’ve bought into the cultural messages that tell us that we’re just not enough. Deep down, the idea that we are important is hard for many of us to swallow.


One of the keys to business success is the relationship between us and those we wish to reach. As business owners we are trying to communicate who we are in a way that will emotionally engage the real human beings for whom our product is a benefit. However, our sense of our own value can hold us back from bringing our AWESOME to the table. When this happens, we miss out on helping others and leave sales on the table.

That truth is that our acceptance and excitement of our own value is fundamental to genuine engagement between us and our clients. We have to wrestle with this truth if we want to grow.


The way we draw Our People to our business is initially through their indirect exposure to us- our Visual Brand. What we want is for our Visual Brand to so effectively communicate who we are to those we are looking to help, that they cannot wait to connect with us.

Our Visual Brand – things like our logo, colour scheme, textures, particular phrases, photography, perhaps even scents – all work together to build emotional engagement with the people we are most suited to help.

However, in order to generate this engagement, first we have to BE, then we have to learn how to communicate our BEING. For many people, before they can effectively communicate their being, they have to remember what it is!


At Life As Art, we want to walk with you through this process. Key to our business is our ability to come alongside you and help you to remember why you do what you do. Essentially what we do is fan the flame of your being and then help you to communicate that being through tailored, emotive photography.

Our Brand Discovery Session is like a Soul Refresh for you and your Brand. We have a 90-minute consult that leads you through a tried and tested process. Using the information gleaned from the Discovery Session we build a photoshoot that best communicates to the market who you are, and what makes you special. Our clients who’ve gone through this process have walked away with a refreshed energy towards their marketing and buzzing with ideas about how to communicate better with their ideal market.


Even after the Brand Discovery Session we find that some clients are still hesitant to be in the photos. However, we can’t stress the importance of you being in your branding photos.  Our “not-enoughness”often rears it’s ugly head as soon as we start talking about taking photos of YOU! However, in order for your BEING to be communicated through your Brand, you need YOU!

At Life As Art, we are very aware of this internal disconnect and want to reassure you that, not only can we generate images with you in them that you will like, but we also walk gently with you through each step of the process of the photo shoot.

We’ve actually found that the clients who come to us nervous about being in photos, end up loving their new images so much that they want to share them and use them in their branding. One of our favourite things is watching our nervous clients suddenly feel so empowered by their images that they start owning their Awesome! It’s moments like this that empower our clients to challenge the lie of not-enoughness in their life.

We love what we do and we would love to do it with You!

If you see the need for a Brand (soul?) refresh, please get in contact with us. We are looking forward to hearing from you.


Life as Art is Perth’s leading Branding and Headshot Photographer. We work with our clients to bring clarity to their Branding with Beautiful, Custom Photography.